Trident House Biomass Heating System


Trident Housing Association


15 months



Project introduction

Trident House is a 1980s-built residential tower block containing 316 units over 19 floors. The current natural gas fired boiler had reached the end of its useful life and failures with the system were frequent.

How the work was delivered

Due to lack of space in the existing roof top plant room, we decided to install the new boilers on the ground floor’s garden area. The new boiler room was constructed off site and delivered in two 12 ton modular units, craned into position and bolted together on site. We cleared the garden area and laid an 8m x 6m reinforced concrete slab to support the weight of the new boiler house. New 5” diameter steel flow and return pipe work, two flues, a new 4” buried gas main and a 2” mains cold water supply were installed.


The major critical milestone was having the Biomass System in situ and running ahead of Christmas. This was achieved on 23rd December. It was also imperative that disruption to residents was kept to a minimum and no loss of heating or hot water was experienced due to new system installation. This too was achieved.